The Machines
Some of the Machines from my movie clips 

These fictional machines are meant to represent mythical sex toys with varying degrees of artificial intelligence.

Inseminator, a giant pod on four legs with a mechanical clawed appendage itching to inseminate anyone it comes across. Extending probes from its claspers and a deep seated need to penetrate makes this a fun machine for the girls to play with.

Inspired by Broodwars, A mech infested by an organism transforming it into a breading machine. huge mech legs, tentacles on the undercarriage lifts the girls up. A hollow transparent snake like tubule fastens on to the girls crotch before the inner vine like appendage is pushed through the tube and into the eager girl. StarCraft would have been a different game with this bad boy in it.

The body cavity search unit. This, I believe is the future of airport security, efficient, professional, and gets into all those 'too deep to reach' places. The girls seem to like it too.

A hovering Droid with a green organic member flopping out the top, the girls take turns riding this machine.

A tentacle creature inside a glass tube, part of an insemination mount, an interesting contraption that grabs the girls and then forces the 'slug' part inside their willing holes..

Our first sex bot, Klank has an on / off switch on his chest and a spring loaded dick.  The girls will press his on button and just hang on to something, he gets carried away a bit.

Thruster, named after its fondness of, well, thrusting. Basically a futuristic mechanical pipe cleaner gone rogue, thoroughly cleaning pipes it was never meant to clean, what fun.

Thought about calling this guy the Inseminator cause his dick has an accordion like pump that can fill the girls full of black goop in seconds.  naturally a massive machine and not so easy to animate but very fun to watch pounding away at the eager girls.

This guy does not (yet) have any sex organs, what he does have is a very interesting hand that, apart from spinning very fast can jut out on a hydraulic ram. Brings fisting into an entirely new light

A mechanical insect that has lots of black venom it likes to inject into soft wet dripping eager places.

Our second sex bot is a bit more vicious, he has a cork-screw dick that spins fast, drilling into the willing girls as he works it. He also has an extendable sleeve on his right arm allowing for deep fisting of his rotating hand.

Just a mess of different parts and gismos, a long extendable 'prod' in the crotch area allows him to probe the girls eager pussy very deep.

A flying probe with an extendable and retractable shaft, an articulated tail and a load of green goop to inject into the willing girls, fun times.

A part Mech that requires a human driver, generally its Monique sitting inside this thing taking her twisted fantasies out on the other eager girls. The Dread Naught's dick is a slick organic muscle with metal rings extending our from inside the metal casing.

A space-age Rock Breaker, but to the girls it works like a giant vibrator, just good clean fun.
Rock Breaker

An alien like creature with partly detachable exoskeleton and a long flexible member part shell part muscle.
The Helix

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